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World's Leading Amano Shrimp Factory

Standardized / Intelligent / Automated

AI Monitoring

Precision Control

Guaranteed Supply

Stable Production Capacity


Sustainable and Eco-Friendly


At the heart of innovation and quality, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the breeding, nurturing, and distribution of the finest Amano shrimp, serving clients across the globe.

L Size

The Amano shrimp

The Amano shrimp, also known as the Yamato shrimp, is a popular choice for ornamental aquariums and planted tanks. It is renowned for its ability to consume algae, making it one of the most effective algae-eating shrimps available. This shrimp helps in cleaning the tank by eating away the algae and dirt on the walls of planted tanks, thus serving both aesthetic and functional purposes in the aquatic ecosystem.

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